Michael Shikashio's Dog Aggression Master Classes

Michael is a an internationally sought after keynote speaker and presenter on the topic of dog aggression at numerous events, conferences, and universities worldwide. He has mentored and presented to thousands of animal professionals in twelve different countries. We feel Michael is a uniquely placed trainer in that he is using the Science of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Reward Based Training to work through even the most challenging aggression cases.

We feel incredibly proud to be bring these courses to Australia and New Zealand, you can visit www.canineeducationaus.com and go to our Canine Ed Online Learning area of the menu, where you will find links to Michael's Aggressive Dog online workshops. We have a special offer exclusive to those of you listening in the Oceana Region of the world too, with the links on the page.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Q and A, Michael said afterwards he was really impressed with the quality of questions he was getting.

Keep safe and well everyone, 


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