Agility Foundations with Anastasia Egorova

We caught up with four time world champion, Anastasia Egorova, to talk about her new course with Canine Ed Online. Anastasia found a need for more distance with her now nine year old Border Collie, Chase, after she was in a major car accident that left her with 22 broken bones. Her take on what it means to handle at distance might surprise you, and her passion for dogs, their fitness and foundation training is really inspiring. We can promise you, you will never complain about not having space to train once you hear how Anastasia manages her dogs in an apartment in central Moscow.

We would love to welcome you to this course is where you will grow your relationship and skill level for you and your puppy or new dog. This is also for the dog that missed these crucial foundation steps and is now needing to revisit those skills. No specific equipment is needed, just a commitment to giving your dog the best start they can get.

To find out more, visit us here at Canine Ed Online Learning

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