Life, The Universe and All things Animal Behaviour with Peta Clarke

It is always a joy to chat with Peta and this was a lot of fun, we covered a lot of ground, not all relating to training, but then again, they were. From training fish, to nose work, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Animal Welfare, surviving the pandemic and being kind to ourselves alongside the future directions in learning with our learners!

Peta Clarke says 'As humans, it is easy to forget that other animals can have a very different sensory experience of the world. Just as our sense of sight has evolved to be the primary way we get information from our immediate world, many other mammals have developed olfaction, or smell, as their primary sense. Understanding this is the first step to understanding the animals we work with on their terms. One of the most exciting things that have happened for me as a trainer over the past four years has been my growth in understanding of the incredible world of scent for dogs.'


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