The Secret to Perfecting Weave Pole Training, Insider Tips for success

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Weave pole training can often feel overwhelming due to its complexity, multiple training methods, equipment considerations, and lack of personalised support. Time constraints and performance pressure can also add to the challenge. However, there is a solution to these concerns. By following a structured program that includes video lessons, a training book, and personalised support, you can navigate your training journey with confidence and efficiency.

Throughout my 15 years experience, I have witnessed many people, myself included, starting with one method and quickly switching to another when immediate success doesn't come. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to slow and over-handled weave entries, resulting in unmotivated and sluggish dogs on this obstacle, dogs who lack understanding of what is required of them. To avoid this common pitfall, it is crucial to find a comprehensive training program that offers the guidance and support needed for success.

There are so many ways to do your weave pole/slalom training, but one where you are able to focus on independent entries from the start, while you are training the weaving behaviour, using 12 poles from day one is unique. 

We think we have found the way that ALL dogs can find success and build a fast and independent weave/slalom behaviour and we have put this together in our Awesome Weaves From Start to Finish that builds, confidence, independence and speed while making your training a lot of fun. 

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