Event Reminder

Essential Information for Your Upcoming Visit to Canine Ed:
  • Kindly use compostable poop bags for your dogs, and if you happen to use plastic, we kindly request that you take it with you.
  • Toilet your dogs before working.
  • Do not let your dogs urinate or toilet in the indoor. We really need everyone to be vigilant about this,  if you need to put your dog on lead to prevent this, please do so.
  • We have poop scoopers available for your convenience, and you can deposit the waste in the designated pit near the gate to the house yard.
  • Don't forget to pack your lunch and snacks for the day! Morning and afternoon tea will be provided as well.
  • Come with equipment as if you're getting ready for a trial. However you will be undercover. Feel free to work with your dogs your cars in the shaded chestnut paddock. If needed, the undercover verandah or training room adjacent to the arena can also be used to crate your dogs when not in. use.
  • The kitchen in the cabin has a microwave, bar fridge and kettle.
  • Currently the shower is in the cabin as well.
  • Pack your props, things like a Treat n Train if you use them, make sure to bring really high value treats and toys.
  • Please give the livestock space and do not allow dogs to chase or bark at the sheep or alpacas.
  • Long Grass can mean ticks and snakes. Please keep dogs on lead unless working. During breaks, you are welcome to give dogs off leash time in the grass arena.
  • The Southern Highlands is paralysis tick area, there is often areas of long grass on the farm. Hot days also mean snakes could be out and about. We have never had one in the grass arena but be alert while walking dogs. 
  • The grass arena and indoor are the only off leash areas. 

Getting there

Getting to Canine Ed, we find it best to go to Robertson via Sheepwash Road and the Illawarra Hwy and avoid Range Road and the northern end of Tourist Road. There is a lot of wildlife on Tourist Road in the early morning and evenings. 
Please be aware of this when using your NavSat apps.


Please drive no faster than 20klm on the road up from Tourist Road, we do need to strictly enforce this for all our safety on site.

We may have cars coming down the lane and you don't want to meet each other at high speed. There is often wildlife about too.
Keep an eye out for Wallabies, Snakes, Deer, Wombats  and Echidnas.
We will have the chestnut paddock on the right, opposite the grass arena open for parking in the shade, it will be best to work your dogs from your car, please don't park on the driveway. We have a car park but it doesn't provide good shade and we don't want your dogs to get hot.

Dogs Who Need Space

Please let us know about this asap. We want to keep your dog as stress free as possible and make this a rewarding experience for them. We have two gate system so dogs can exit one gate as the other dog enters. Let's make great use of this!

What to Bring

Most of you have done workshops however if this is new for you, please read on.
For this one, we would prefer your dogs work from your car. If that isn't possible we can set them up in the room near the kitchen. Or the main room if it is not in use.
* High value food reinforcement for your dogs, including Treat n Train's if you have one.
* Toys that your dogs love as well.
* Lead and collar
* Crate, unless you plan to work your dog from the car.
* Crate Cover

* Water if you prefer to bring your own and a water bowl
* Chair in case we end up sitting outside
* Hat, water and sunscreen

The Weather Report - Keeping You and Your Dogs Warm

Weather in the Highlands can be variable plese dress in layers! And be prepared to have unexpected weather changes. 

Presenters may ask you to warm your dogs up before working and also cool your dogs afterwards, please bring cool coats if you use them and fans for crates along with jackets in cooler seasons.

Again, wear layers, our experience with the Highlands is that it can be cold or warm depending on the day and you will have times where you will be sitting for long periods of time.

Drive safe everyone, please let us know if you have any questions!