Talking Scent Work, Tracking, Search and Rescue with Ann McGloon

Today we got to talk all things Scent with Ann McGloon.

Ann got her start in dog training 22 years ago, when she welcomed her first Sussex Spaniel (a rare vulnerable British breed) into her home.  Dissatisfied with much of the training she encountered, she began her education in earnest into learning about positive approaches to dog training. In 2017, she became part of Absolute Dog’s Pro Dog Trainer Movement, a worldwide cadre of professionals teaching and inspiring through positive reinforcement and games-based conceptual learning.

Her love of dogs and community lead her to Josephine County’s Search & Rescue K9 Unit, where for over a decade she has been a coach, trainer, and handler by deploying her certified dogs throughout southern Oregon and beyond.  Her dog sport passion is agility. One of her most memorable moments came when she and her Sussex “Beryl” were invited to the AKC Agility Invitational where they finished as the top 8” Preferred Dog. ln addition to her passion for agility and scent work, she has exhibited and titled dogs in virtually every venue from spaniel hunting tests to rally, obedience, and conformation. Her home is now graced with one Sussex and a working cocker spaniel.

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